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Serenity talks about her life

By: Shauna Wilson


Serenity Stacy Photo by: Shauna Wilson

Serenity Stacy, a Journalism 1 student, is in 9th grade at Waynesboro High School. She has, 2 younger brothers and 1 older half sister. When she’s with her family, Serenity enjoys having family time to go out to eat, have good conversations, and play board games. Growing up in a large family, Serenity enjoyed being able to do something bad and blame it on her older sister. She looks up to her dad and her dad’s girlfriend. “Even though I can be a brat, they never gave up on us even though they were going through tough times,” said Serenity. She uses her weird, random, sense of humor to make her friends happy when they’re down or sad. Serenity is proud of being able to get through hard times by putting a smile on her face even though she’s dealing with something difficult in her life. Serenity is involved with JV basketball and softball for WHS. She enjoys letting out all her anger when she’s playing, traveling around, competing, and making new friends that enjoy the same sports. As an athlete and a student, Serenity has set goals for herself. Serenity wants to either attend Louisiana State University or James Madison University for softball or James Madison University, University of Connecticut or the University of Virginia for basketball.

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