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Student Spotlight Mullaney Lee


Q: What grade are you in?

A:  12th


Q: Do you have any interests or hobbies?

A: I like singing, reading, and hanging out with friends.


Q: Are you involved in any sports?

A: I’m not in any sports 


Q: Are you in any after school clubs?If so what are they?

A: I am in the NHS club, me to we club, pep club, GSA, Vice president of senior class.


Q: Why did you join the GSA?  

A: It is a good way to get involved, and be an ally to the kids in Waynesboro and the LGBT community.


Q: How long have you been involved in the GSA?

A: I have been in the GSA for 2 years.


Q: What is your greatest accomplishment in your 4 years of being at Waynesboro High School

A: I’ve been really involved in the high school.


Q: How has being vice president of the senior class impacted your life?

A: Being vice president has made me more aware of other students, has helped her make new friends, have gotten to know more people.


Q: Why is being senior vice president important to you?

A: Allows me to be involved with the school community, and plan events with classmates.


Q: What sparked your interest in running for vice president?

A:  Student council did fundraising and I really liked that, and enjoys planning things.

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