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Student Spotlight – Madison DeGolyer

Madison DeGolyer  Photo taken by : Millineum White

Madison DeGolyer
Photo taken by : Millineum White

Q: What grade are you in?

A: 12th


Q: What are some of your interests or hobbies?

A: Acting, spending time with family, I like to read and do art.


Q: I’ve heard that you do dance outside of school. How many years have you been doing dance? What kind of dance?

A: I used to dance, I danced for 6 years. I did all kinds of stuff like ballet, tap, ballroom, jazz.


Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: Read a good book, spend time with family.


Q: I understand you volunteer in the community. Where have you volunteered? How often do you volunteer? What do you enjoy about volunteering?

A: Cedars Healthcare Center, I do that quite a lot: holidays, whenever I’m not at school. My favorite part is interacting with the patients.


Q: Are you involved in any clubs or organizations here at WHS? Which groups? What do you like about being involved in each of them?

A: National Honor Society, treasurer of Beta club, and I’m in shows. Governor’s school also helps interact with the school Concert Choir.


Q: I understand that you’ve travelled quite a bit. Where have you traveled? What have you learned in your experiences on those trips? What advice do you have for students who want to travel but haven’t gone with Passport Club or other trips?

A: Europe: England, France, and I’ve been around the United States. I love seeing the culture and looking at different ways of life. And my advice is you should totally go do it because it’s worth it.


Q: How do you plan to use your experiences in Governor’s School to your advantage in your future? What do you plan to do after graduating?

A: I plan to do theatre so hopefully I can major in that in college, but I’m also considering health care. As for colleges, I’m looking at JMU, VCU, and possibly BRCC.


Q: How have you been involved in the local theater community? What performance has been your favorite to participate in? Do you have a favorite role/character that you’ve played in a production? Who would you like to play?

A: At the Wayne Theatre, I’ve been in Shrek the Musical, My Fair Lady, The Secret Garden, [etc]. My dream role is probably Liza in My Fair Lady, and I really liked my role of Humpty Dumpty, but I’m really up for anything.

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