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Meet Mrs Wade New Spanish Teacher

By Eileen Ortiz

Jessica Wade is a new Spanish teacher at WHS. Wade wanted to teach at WHS because it was in her community, and she already has worked with a lot of teens from this area outside of school in youth groups and mentorship programs.  Wade also works at the middle school.

Cynthia  Moore, another Spanish teacher at WHS, has known Wade for a year. “Wade is a very hard working person and also a great person,”said Moore. In recent years there has  been turnover in the foreign language department.“I feel good because I know we have wonderful Spanish program and teachers, and really the teachers come for the kids,” said Moore.

Wade’s dream job was to teach  because  she loves working with young people. Her high School experience at Riverheads High School  was great. Although, her family was going through  her family were having to face challenging ,circumstances,nevertheless she focused on her education and stayed positive. Wade started learning  when she was in high school and began speaking Spanish in her last year of college at James Madison University. Wade only focused on reading  Spanish and writing in Spanish  but, was nervous because she learned it after high school. Spanish allows Wade to connect with different people and learn about different culture “It’s absolutely amazing,” said Wade.

One of her  previous jobs was in positions of management. When Wade was in high school she was a manager at Arby’s.”It was a demanding job but it was fun because  it helped become a leader,”said Wade. One of the most challenging jobs she had included Target. Working at Target made her grow as a person and as a leader. Although she was under a lot of pressure and stress, it helped her come out of her comfort zone. While she was working at Target she was thinking about going  back to college so she could finish her degree and start teaching one week before graduation from JMU there was a position available at WHS. On graduation morning she had an interview that  she was excited about. Wade was nervous on the first day of teaching.

Wade has five  siblings who she feels have  helped her to become a better teacher and actually inspired  to become a teacher. Wade and her siblings didn’t have a positive childhood but their high school teacher that they had impacted Wade she wants  to do the same  for other kids.One of her role model, is Pastor Steven Furtick because Wade likes his insight and listening to his messages, which she says are  life changing.The one place she wants to travel is Colombia,she made some from friends taking Spanish in college.One of her friends is from Colombia  she says it’s basically her little brother and they study Spanish and English together.

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