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Student Spotlight – Darius James


Darius is one of the coaches of the unified basketball team, the Mighty Giants.


Q: What grade are you in?

A: 12th


Q: How did you get involved in coaching the unified basketball team?

A: I was invited by another student to come help coach the team, and he couldn’t continue, so I was a practice coach and now I’m one of the head coaches. I recruited Aarin Moss. I played basketball at Covington on their team, I played point guard, I like shooting 3’s and dribbling.


Q: Your team won, how’s that feel?

A: Our team really knew how to make shots and the other team didn’t. I think that’s how we beat them.


Q: What are some pros and cons of coaching the basketball team?

A: It’s hard running substitutions during the game, but it’s fun to see them score.


Q: How has this team impacted the players?

A: They will probably stay with playing basketball. They do a better job of communication, game skills, and discipline.


Q: What are you proud of in particular about this experience?

A: They listen to what I have to say. I thought I was going to lose my voice because I was yelling so much, Aarin actually did lose his voice.


Q: Would you like to coach again if you have an opportunity?

A: I would like to – maybe I can come back and do it again. This is the team’s first year, I think we could build on the shooting skills, passing, and dribbling that they’ve learned this year.


Q: How can fans help?

A: Chant and cheer for the team… that helps them feel motivated!

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