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Roper soars to secretary position


By Sydney Furr

Once a former Delta Airlines flight attendant, Mrs. Nadine Roper is the new WHS secretary. Before coming to WHS, Roper worked at Unisys Corporation at Tysons Corner, and Virginia Western Community College in the human resources department. Roper loves her job here at Waynesboro High School and enjoys being a secretary because she feels like a bigger part of the WHS community. She has never worked with high schoolers before, but to her, the students aren’t difficult. According to Roper, things that students consider urgent are often not as urgent as they think.

Mrs.Roper interview picture #2

Mrs. Nadine Roper busy working at her desk. Photo by Sydney Furr

“It’s a matter of awareness and trying to understand sometimes where they’re coming from,” Roper said. “It’s perspective I guess.”

 Roper’s favorite part of her job is interacting with the students. To Roper, being a secretary is not a lonely job because there is always something going on. For a while, she was a homemaker, but that got lonely for her. Now, she never finds a dull moment at WHS.

Roper thinks highly of the staff at Waynesboro High School. She looks up to them and thinks that they are skilled in what they do.

“Most of them have been here for over ten years, and so I respect that they have a lot of expertise in their field and the community of WHS,” she said.

 Mr. Brian Stamm,  WHS Assistant Principal, has a high opinion of Mrs. Roper. He said that she is very organized, keeps track of his schedule, and lets him know when he needs to be somewhere.

“It’s a benefit for me because a lot of times my days are so busy. She helps kind of keep us organized as we move throughout the day” Stamm said.

Stamm enjoys working with Roper, as she knows what he needs when he needs it. According to Stamm, Roper works with the guests that visit WHS very well. She knows how to make sure they feel welcomed even when everyone else is busy behind closed doors.

Stamm says that Roper has fit in with WHS. “She comes in and you come into a building with over 1000 people in it a day doing a different job and there’s a big learning curve with that but at the same time she’s taking it all in stride and really try to sit in with what we do and she’s done real good with us so far.” 

Roper and Ms. Kendra Jones, WHS Assistant Principal, are the only African American women in the office.

“I think it’s good for students to see, especially other black students and let them see people who look like them, working in a office and having someone to engage with and interact with.” Jones says. Jones thinks that Roper carries herself very professionally. Jones went to say that regardless of race or gender, Roper tries to build relationships with everyone.

 Stamm and Jones agree that Roper has brought new ideas to WHS and brings a positive energy with her every day.

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