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Meet Our New School Nurse: Mrs. Gibson


Nurse Gibson working in her office.

By: Jamey Archie

Amy Gibson is a new nurse starting at WHS this year. She worked at Wayne Hills pre-school for 6 years before coming to WHS.  “Coming from a school with only 170 students to a school with almost 900 students is a huge difference,” says nurse Gibson. Since there are more students at WHS than Ms. Gibson is used to, she stays busy at all times. Her craziest experience as a nurse was a de-gloving accident with a girl whose class ring got caught in a door, taking her skin off. 

Growing up, Ms. Gibson always wanted to be a nurse. ”I always liked helping people and caring about people,” said Gibson. “The regret I have is not doing it while I was younger.”

Some advice that she has for anyone who wants to become a nurse is to start at as early of an age as possible. Starting with early classes and learning information sooner could help you a lot in the future when searching for a good job.

Gibson attended Piedmont Community College because it was the closest to her. There, Gibson got an EMT ( Emergency Medical Technicians) and a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) degree. She says working as an EMT in the past helps a lot when it comes to emergencies. 

She has substituted as a school nurse at Kate Collins Middle School and she says there is a huge difference in the students and their attitudes. Nurse Gibson sees herself at WHS in 5 years from now. She really enjoys her job here.  

Lynn Watson, head nurse of Waynesboro Public Schools, feels that Gibson is a very big asset to their school nurse team.  “She has experience in assessment and treatment of acute illness and trauma,” Watson said, “Nurse Gibson has many strong qualities which make her a good fit for WHS.  She is able to make good judgement calls and assessment as well as follow the guidelines set forth by the Department of Education.”  Watson has worked primarily in the Emergency Room environment as a Registered Nurse.  She has done some prison and jail nursing in the past.  Also, Watson did travel nursing for over 9 years to many states within the United States. Many of her years of emergency nursing helped Watson a great deal in being able to function independently in a school nurse role and also be able to lead our team of nurses.

Assistant Principal, Bryan Stamm says, “Mrs. Gibson and Ms. Watson provide a valuable safety net for students at our school by working with our students and parents to make sure their needs are met.”


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