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Former WHS Student Comes Full-Circle

By: Victor Sansing

Erick Biggs. Photo by Victor Sansing.

Erick Biggs. Photo by Victor Sansing.



      Erick Biggs is a new aide here at Waynesboro High School.Biggs got his job at WHS after Mr. Teachey approached him about the position. Teachey thought he would be a good fit for the job. Before getting this job he thought about joining the Marines because he wanted to “travel the world and blow stuff up.”

       This job is sort of a stepping stone for Biggs. He never really wanted to work with kids. “Kids are terrible. They have too much attitude,” said Biggs. But after a while, he started enjoying the aide job a lot more than he thought. “The job is very challenging, but also very rewarding,” said Biggs.

        Mr. Biggs does, truly,  enjoy working at WHS more than he thought. He works alongside Mrs. Lunger and Mrs. Upson as LaQuinn Torian’s one-on-one aide. He is around Torian for all parts of the day. His usual day goes like this: He gets Torian off the bus at 8:10, then, he goes with him to the cafeteria for breakfast, next, they watch CNN Student News and practice the alphabet and phonics, afterwards, he goes to first lunch, eventually, he goes to ASL for third block, and, finally, he goes to the gym for fourth block. He is with Torian during all of these steps in his day.

       Biggs has quite a crazy early life. Originally, he is from Chicago, Illinois. Biggs then moved with his family to Florida and then to Virginia. After settling into Virginia he and his parents went on a missionary trip to the Philippines. His parents were helping to build a school for orphans and he went along for the ride. This helped Biggs  to, “appreciate all of the things I have.” In the Philippines he saw people using heaps of trash for shelter. The trip, “really, really, really, really,” helped him. After coming back from the Philippines, the Biggs family went back to Virginia.

     Biggs attended a Christian school and then later went to WHS. After graduating from Waynesboro High he attended Radford University. Where he graduated with a degree in Pre-Med Biology.

     In five years Biggs hopes to be away from Waynesboro, though. He explained that after five years of working at a school his federal student loans will be repaid. So, he plans to spend five years in Waynesboro and then get a change of scenery. He still wants to teach for a while, but maybe in Roanoke or Colorado. With that being said, teaching is not his end goal. He wants to eventually use his degree in some way. The only dilemma with this plan is that most jobs need more education than he already has. He would really like to work at the National Institute of Standards of Technology. The Institute does a lot of high tech work and is the closest nuclear reactor to Waynesboro. Working at NIST is sort of an end goal for Biggs. He believes he will achieve his goal, eventually, by, “Staying on track and getting my student loans paid off.”

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