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Mighty Giants basketball brings smiles to WHS!

By: Victor Sansing and Ethan Burch


WHS Unified Basketball team picture. Photo provided by Mary Jane Upson.

WHS Unified Basketball team picture. Photo provided by Mary Jane Upson.

Q: How did you feel playing with your team in front of such a big crowd?


Joseph “JT” Trout:“I felt good because playing against other teams helps me understand what I’m doing and how to [do] it. It felt good to encourage the teams to pass, to shoot, and [to] score. The games help me keep busy.

Devin Brooks:“Good because I made the hoops.”

Ethan Holley: “Good because it was fun to play with my team.”

Cassie Furr:”I feel like I got to be a better team player.” Although Cassie didn’t go to the first game, she still practiced.

LaQuinn Torian:” I had a great time playing in front of the crowd.”

Darwin Hernandez:“I was excited because I made a lot of points and helped my team.”

Anna Grainger:“I felt excited because I got to show the people how it is possible for someone like me to play a game like that.”


Q: What was the hardest thing about playing on your team?


Trout: “I had to make sure all my other team mates knew what they were doing and [were] having fun.”

Brooks:“Passing the ball was hard to do. I had to make [it] go to the right team.”

Furr:  “Dribbling was [e]specially hard.”

Torian:  “It was hard to work with everyone else.”

Hernandez Hernanadez: “It was hard to do everything at first, but I got better [and] better.

Grainger: “Baskets were hard to make since they were up so high, [but] I got them after that.


Q: Have you ever done anything like this before?


Trout: “Yes, I’ve done the Special Olympics.”

Brooks: “Yes, I’ve done Buddyball.”

Holley: “No, but it was fun.”

Furr: “No.”

Torian:”Yes, I played on the Stuarts Draft Unified Basketball team.”

Hernandez Hernandez: “I have played for SOCA.”

Grainger:“Yes I have done Buddyball, cheerleading, soccer, kickball, tennis, softball, and soccer.”


Q: What’s the most important thing your coaches taught you?


Trout: “They kept me on track.”

Brooks: “They told me [to] block the other team.”

Holley:  “They taught me passing and scoring.”

Furr: “They taught me layups and scoring,”

Torian:”They taught me defense and dribbling.”

Hernandez Hernandez:”They taught me free throw[s].”

Grainger: “The coaches help[ed] me dribble and play defense.”


We then asked Aarin Moss, a coach, a few questions.


Q: How did you become a coach?


Moss: “They asked Darius to coach and Darius asked me to coach, too. It sounded like fun.”


Q: How did you feel after the game?


Moss: “I was excited. Everyone played very well. I was especially proud of Darwin and LaQuinn. They were buckets.”


Lastly, I asked Mrs. Upson a few questions about her students.


Q: What do you think your students are gaining from this experience.


Upson: “I think they benefit from having a school sport as an opportunity that they would not normally have. I’m sure the kids feel more included. It also provides a neat experience for the community to come and support them and see that they are capable.”


Q: How did WHS get into the unified basketball program?


Upson:  “We heard about Wilson and Draft playing and we knew that we wanted to participate.




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