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Waynesboro Forgets to Put a Hole in One

by Jamey Archie

WHS played against Spotswood on August 23rd. They lost with a score of 234 to 163. I interviewed coach Cox with the following questions:

Golf team setting up

Golf team setting up. Image provided by Coach Cox

Q: What strength does the golf team have this year?

A: Youth and Exuberance.

Q: How do you think they’ll do this season?

A: They want to work on lower scores and they’re improving everyday.

Q: How do you think people benefit from joining the golf team?

A: Golf is a mental sport, and it helps the mind. Varsity has a lot of potential you’ll use later in life. This game offers finesse and power.

Riley Hamp and Lauren Porter

Riley Hamp 9th grader, Lauren Porter 10th grader. Image provided by Coach Cox

Q: Why do you think people should join the golf team?

A: “I think every student should play a varsity sport before the end of high school.”

Q: What have you been trying to work on with the golf team the most and why?

A: “Fundamentals and good choices.”

Freshman, Riley Hamp driving

9th grader, Riley Hamp lining up her shot. Image provided by Coach Cox


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