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Sydney Furr, Let’s talk about that.


By Ethan Burch Headshots 015

Sydney Furr is a Freshman at WHS and a member of the Journalism. After High School she wants to go to UVA due to the fact that it’s close to home and Is “a good school.” Before she goes of to college she wants to go on a week long road trip to Florida, during this trip she wants to visit Disney World because she’s always wanted to go there since she was little. On Sydney’s down time she loves to read and play with her dog.  She also likes going to the football games. Her dream location is Germany, Because she’s half German, and she’s really interested in the history of Germany. She is most proud of her grades, She says that no one has helped her really when it comes to her education. Sydney has an older sister, who is currently living in Williams burg. Sydney is looking to join the tennis team in spring.

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