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It’s your destiny to find out about Destiny

          By: Chloe McLaughlin

Destiny Lam is a junior here at WHS and a member of the Journalism II class. After high school she plans to go to college for journalism, but she is undecided as to where she would like to go. She thinks that education after high school is important but not always necessary. College has always been and expectation for her while growing up. Some of her favorite classes are ASL, Journalism, and Theater, and her favorite thing about school is being active and social. This led her to become a member of various clubs such as ASL, forensics, theater, and also Journalism club. Destiny describes herself as a goofball, determined, and a nerd, so if she could go anywhere in the world she would go to Paris not for the Eiffel Tower. She would like to see work by her favorite artist, Picasso. She also has 2 sisters and, if she didn’t have them, she feels she would be a totally different person. Destiny is most proud of herself for pushing herself to get out of her comfort zone and learn to not care what people think of her as much. She’s learning to embrace her personality and be herself. 

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