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Introducing a New Journalism Student: Chloe McLaughlin

by Destiny Lam

Chloe McLaughlin, a freshman at WHS, is looking forward to growing through Journalism class. She anticipates that by interviewing people and speaking during announcements, Journalism will help her step out of her comfort zone. Chloe feels that her sense of humor is her best quality as she is able to make difficult situations better. Not only does she find humor to be an important part of her personality, but Chloe views herself as a stubborn and loyal person. In her opinion, McLaughlin is a determined individual that is a trustworthy person for her friends and family. In school, Chloe enjoys anything that involves writing or drawing. However, Spanish is not her strong suit. “Spanish is not a gift on mine,” said Chloe. On the subject of school, Chloe has set several academic goals for herself. She wishes to maintain good grades and to stay in Honors Family-a scholarship program. She plans on meeting these goals by studying and doing her homework. In addition to her academic goals, Chloe wants to surround herself with good people and loyal friends by cutting toxic relationships out of her life. As a first-year journalism student, Chloe is looking forward to learning this year.

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