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Getting to know all about Eileen Ortiz

By : Millineum White

Eileen Ortiz , Eileen 007a 10th grader in Waynesboro High School , is in her second year of being a Journalist in Mrs.Hellermans’ class. Eileen has a career goal of finishing high school though she’s not sure what college she wants to attend , she knows that she wants to become an immigration lawyer.  Eileen has a urge to help in serious immigration cases because of her parents and the “ situations they have to go through,” said Eileen. In Mexico, a middle school education is the highest education required, so going to college is going to be a proud moment for her. Also Eileen is fluent in Spanish. “Speaking Spanish gives me more opportunities for a good job ,“ Eileen said. Journalism is a way for Eileen to improve herself in many ways. Journalism improves her writing skills because of the article writing process, and her social skills because of conducting interviews and being interviewed.

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