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Get to Know Millineum White

By Alyssa Kerrigan

A sophomore at Waynesboro High School, Journalism II student Millineum White shares her plans for the future. With an adamant love for journalism, Millineum intends to move on to Journalism III after her current class to better prepare herself for the job of her dreams: a sports journalist and photographer for Ohio State University. As an outgoing person, journalism is a way for her to approach people and express her personality. After high school, Millineum hopes to be accepted into Ohio State, where she will begin her career journey as an athletic trainer and then continue as a sports journalist. The story behind Millineum’s Ohio State dream is inspired by her father’s past goal to go to Ohio State. He grew up in Ohio and always wanted to go to Ohio State but didn’t get accepted, so Millineum said she wants to “live [her] dad’s dream.” For now, Millineum uses journalism class to learn about things she wants to improve on: the dialogue/writing style of articles, the inverted pyramid, when topic changes should be used, and getting better at interviewing people. Millineum is also taking a theatre class to help her with interviewing, and get her used to being in the spotlight. Millineum plans to attend and photograph every football game this year, and at the end of the season, she wants to interview the seniors because as she says, “If I can interview them, I can interview anybody.”


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