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Get to know Ethan Burch

By Sydney Furr                                                        Headshots 007

Ethan Burch is a Freshman at Waynesboro High School and a member of Journalism I. After graduating high school Ethan wants to go to college for business. He aspires to attend the Naval Academy or University of Virginia. Ethan enjoys playing football, singing and playing the guitar and the piano because they help him express who he is. He plays JV football for Waynesboro and has played football on a team for six years. His favorite class last year was PE because it’s fun, he likes sports, his friends were in that class with him,and his teacher said he was her favorite. He’s a social person and has many friends, but he is closest with Zach Coburn and Jameson Lancaster. He joined journalism because his mom told him he would be a good fit because he is so social. Football has helped him become a more social person, especially being Quarterback. Ethan was quarterback last year for the Kate Collins senior team and is currently quarterback for WHS JV team.


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