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Come Meet Vic Sansing

Picture 005    By: Jamey Archie

Victor Sansing is a 9th grader at Waynesboro High School, and a member of Mrs. Hellerman’s Journalism 1 class. After graduating high school, Vic would like to attend a medical school. Though he is not sure what school he would like to attend. Vic has always been interested in the cardiac field, and he thinks that’s the right profession for him because there is a history of heart disease in his family. Vic would like to start learning more about the cardiac field while he is still in high school. When Vic reaches his goal of being a cardiac doctor,  he has set his goal to have a steady job and live a happy lifestyle. While he can slack off at times, Vic is very proud of his work ethic and the outcome of his work. Vic was a member of FCCLA in the past. He is currently not in any extracurricular activities yet. Vic hates the lack of fun in high school. He says we have a lot more freedom but it isn’t the same as having fun. Vic says he learns the most when the teachers lets him work on his own.


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