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The outing class is not the average elective


By Jisell Lopez

Waynesboro High School has been offering the outing club to students for about 13 years.David Hennel has been teaching at Waynesboro High School for about 15 years,and he started the outing club on his second year here.The outing club isn’t just a club anymore it is actually a one credit class, Which is for the students interested in learning about the outdoors and group size Hennel never has more than a dozen students. “I’m basically teaching skills and informational things they need for hiking, backpacking, paddling, and also cycling plus they’re getting a lot of other outdoor related type education too,” said Hennel,the Outdoor Education,CTE Marketing,Economics,& Finance teacher at WHS.

”I moved here because there’s so much to do. I chose to come here and I’ve loved the outdoors all my life and I looked at this place as a nirvana for outdoor activities,” said Hennel. According to the Waynesboro visitors page, the City of Waynesboro is 3 miles from the junction of Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway, so there are many hiking trails to chose from, including a portion of the Appalachian Trail. Waynesboro also offers backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, bouldering, and mountain and road biking.”We have fabulous paddling opportunities.  We’ve got great places to ride bicycles. It’s heaven for somebody that likes the outdoors and recreation stuff like that. You know, we’ve got two national parks here, and we’ve got national forests all over the place,” said Hennel.

Waynesboro also offers activities like disc golf, geocaching, and The South River

Disc golf is a nine hole course at Coyner Springs. Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a global positioning system  receiver to hide and seek containers anywhere in the world.The South River, a favorite destination for fishermen,and is one of only two urban fisheries in the state.

“I have a small group of students that really enjoy it and want to keep going with it,” said Hennel. “Personally, I like the outdoors and knowing we  have a class about it made me excited,”said Alyssa Corbin Balsley, a senior at WHS.Wesley Seay, a senior at WHS, said the outing club “let me experience new things that I wouldn’t  do if I weren’t  in the outing club.”

According to The Huffington Post eating right and having a healthy diet, can help students maintain a healthy weight and boost your metabolism. Sometimes it’s hard to exercise due to class or work. An easy way to get some exercise in is to walk to class or work. Getting seven to nine hours or sleep and improve overall health. Not getting enough sleep can lead to weight loss or gain, headaches, and it could also reduce brain function. Drinking water can help you in overall health by keeping you hydrated and just detoxing the body. Most people stop working out or playing sports after high school,but it’s important to stay active throughout college and even after that. Staying active and keeping a healthy diet throughout college is much harder than in high school.

Mo Kappes the advisor for a student organization at the University of Wisconsin Madison that does team building and high and low ropes courses workshops for students on campus. “The purpose of the program we offer is to help people learn more about themselves and those around them,”said Kappes. Kappes background is in outdoor education,but what she’s begun to appreciate is character and leadership development with college students this is now her 6th year working with college students.

“The outing club is theirs,so I tell them,if you want to do something,plan it and we’ll do it,”said Hennel.Everything the students wish to do from hiking to bike riding. The students have control over the club. If  they wish to go hiking,they would plan it and Hennel would ask teachers or another adult to join.

The Outing Club is open for anyone willing to learn about the outdoors.

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