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Sickness in school

 By:Makayla Glass

How many colds have you had this school year? Maybe you need to find a way to eliminate the germs.

“The average american child gets 6 to 10 colds a year,”  according to  Children in school can get germs from sharing pencils, pens, drinking from the water fountain, and door knobs. Most students don’t even think about touching these things and then touching their face and eyes. Germs can get spread so easily through everyday life, and we don’t think twice about touching so many things that are covered in germs.

How do parents know if their student is too sick to be sent to school?  Well from the  Parents should start by looking at the different symptoms to find out if they should take their student to the doctors or just give them something over the counter. If students have a cough or a cold they should not return to school if they have a whooping cough and should see a doctor, but the student is feeling better within 24 hours can return to school. How long should students with a temperature stay home? A student with a raised temperature of 101 or higher they should stay home roughly round 24 hours but if they start to feel better within that 24 hours they can return to school the next day.

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced a headache or a sore throat,  but if a student has a sore throat it could be a common cold or strep throat, the student should stay home and return once the student is feeling better for the next 24 hours or has started antibiotics.If a student has diarrhea this could lead to dehydration so make they have plenty of fluids, should return when a doctor say so,but if they are vomiting  they should see a doctor as soon as possible and should not return until the next 48 hours.

 Kristen Ritchie, the WHS school nurse said “October is the start of when everyone starts getting sick.” Six students were sent home October 7 through the 11 due to an illness. With everyone getting sick and spreading germs around, students may miss multiple days of school. If this happens,  you may start to fall behind on your school work.

If an illness is serious and a student needs to be out of school for a substantial amount of time, we look to see what resources the school division or community may be able to offer for that student to get their appropriate education,” said Bryan Stamm, an assistant principal at WHS. Not only will they, the WHS staff, help your student stay updated with their school work, but they want to help and see [the student] succeed.

Christine Benson-Sapp, an English teacher,said the hardest thing for students trying to get caught up on their work is that subjects maybe harder to grasp because they have less time to learn the material. Not only is it hard for the student to get caught up, but it’s also difficult for the teacher to get the students caught up because the teacher is trying explain just how important the make up work is to your grade. Students missing school can affect the whole class. “Usually, it means that one student ends up having to complete the assignment on his or her own, or change his or her assignment completely by joining another group if a student misses a lot during project time,” said Benson-Sapp.

Cheyanne Brown, a WHS sophomore, has missed a total of 7 days of school due to an illness, including two days for pneumonia, two days for a cold, and three days going to doctors appointments. “ I have had to stay after school for 9 days to get caught up,” said Brown.

How can you prevent yourself from getting sick? You can’t protect yourself from every germ in the world, but you may be able to dodge a couple of colds by learning germ etiquette. Germ etiquette is something everyone should learn. Cough and sneeze  into your elbow, washing your hands, and using hand sanitizer after blowing your nose.

You still may get sick, but at least you know when you should stay home so you don’t spread it. You could eliminate some the germs, and you could also save a lot of people from getting sick and missing school.

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