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Safe Driving Requires Practice and Paying Attention


By: Trinity Conway

Waynesboro High School senior student, Veronica Martin, drives to and from school and work con

screenshot_2016-12-05-11-07-34-1-1sistently. Martin is always driving, especially on weekends with her friends, and she admits she gets scared sometimes while driving. “ People don’t know how to drive. They run red lights and stop signs,” Martin said. The number one thing Martin considers when driving is her seat belt. Martin will will not start the car if everybody doesn’t have their seat belt on. Martin thinks she is a very safe driver as she pats herself on her back. “I am very alert and pay attention,” said Martin.

According to, the proper seatbelt use is to have the lap belt adjusted so that it is snug. A  shoulder harness should not be under the arm, but specifically across your chest.  Lots of people tend to not follow said guidelines because some say the seatbelt is “irritating”, but it is meant protect you from flying through a window. The site also adds in how is easy it is to get distracted. Grooming and eating  are just a couple of the distractions from

Shawn Moran, the driver’s ed  teacher at WHS, said students need to be focused and put the cellphones down also. Moran’s main concern with teens driving is paying attention. He stated the top three things to be aware of when driving are other drivers, the environment and traffic signs. “To spend time driving with parent or guardian are also good and important choices,” said Moran.  

WebMD’s article made the indication  that is better to drive one on one with a parent. The article  informs there is comfortability and better progress if so. According to , parents need to continuously monitor and guide their teenagers’ driving activity, and limit their travel to purposeful driving. Once teens begin to engage in joy-riding, their crash-risk increases dramatically, and more so with each additional teenage passenger.

20161121_093312_hdrOfficer Layman, Waynesboro High School’s resource officer, agrees that students need to pay attention. Layman calls the students of WHS kids of his own, and if he were to give advice to his kids,  he would tell us to practice, go to the DMV and handle what needs to be done first, have knowledge on driving, be aware of surroundings and don’t get distracted. “Pay attention,” Layman said sternly. He adds, “whether it is from your phone or just adjusting your seat, pay attention to just driving.” He adds, “whether it is from your phone or just adjusting your seat, pay attention to just driving.” When Layman thinks of teenagers driving, the thought that comes to mind is “point A to point B”, meaning students shopuld  make sure they get to and from where they need to be safely. He continues to say that all things, such as adjusting the mirror or eating, should be done before starting the car. “If you feel the text is that important, pull over somewhere safe so you can then reply,” said Layman.

Layman believes it is important for teen drivers to know about more than just how to drive. “Knowing motor vehicle maintenance is good to know also,” said Layman. Layman brings up tire pressure and lights on one’s car is good to have knowledge about. “It’s good to do a walk around  your car every now and then before you get inside the vehicle, to inspect your car yourself,” said Layman. Layman said that, tire pressure and lights are important, mainly because lights help you in the dark and are a signal for people behind you driving. If you remember to check your tire pressure it can prevent you from any “flat” mistakes while driving.

Teen Driving can be stressful to teens and adults and it’s very essential to remain safe by following all guidelines to driving. Teen drivers are the new kids on the block and should know traffic signs just as much as they know their favorite song on the radio.

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