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Mr Wion

During the bomb threat on October 17, 2016  Mr Wion went to the soccer field  because they had to evacuate because of the threat. Although he wasn’t playing soccer at that time, he caught his foot in the grass. Wion had to wait about 45 minute to get some ice for his ankle, and he didn’t want anyone to worry because there were crisis already going on because of the bomb threat. After the bomb threat Wion was rushed to the emergency room. His injury was very inconvenient , and he was very frustrated  getting around and not be able to do things. “Little things like washing your hands might be difficult because the soap,water, and paper towels are far away from each other and being on crutches might be dangerous because you might slip and fall”, said Wion.

Wion hurt his fibula. The fibula forms the calf bone and it doesn’t hold any weight at all, For Wion it might of have caused stress since he loves to be outside running a he doesnt get to do all the things he use to like before.Here are some symptoms that  he can suffer deformity of uneven leg lengths and inabiltiy to stand or walk. Bruising or discoloration may indicate damage to the blood vessels. According to the Children Hospital.

      Wion was struggling a bit with teaching because he couldn’t  get to every student as he used  to ,and he was  working slower which made him sad because he  loves to be active and help  each  student. All his plans for the fall have been ruined now because he can’t do most of things he loves to do. Instead of enjoying nature, he spends  more time watching TV . The day before his injury happened he was running at night on the mountain, and Wion  never thought of getting hurt the day after. He got the nickname   scooter guy since he was on a scooter, and some teachers were  planning  on decorating his scooter with some flames.

According to U.S. NEWS,teachers are always there most of the time because they get hurt or there seriously ill. Students can get affected also because, if a teacher is seriously ill or injured the school has to  keep looking for a substitute.

The students won’t be able to understand the concept that they’re learning from a substitute. Also getting a teacher to substitute is a lot of money, in a study in year 2012-2013 the school spent  $424 million dollars nationwide in every school and 1,800 for each school indivinal. Wion’s  injury will  probably take  4-6 weeks to heal.

One of Wion’s  Earth science student  Jisell Lopez said that she struggle more because she couldn’t focus on her work  because everyone was louder than usual with the substitute.But Lopez managed to get back and focus. Wion is off his scooter now , then he was on  crutches for a while. Then two weeks later he was not going to use his crutches anymore, and after Thanksgiving he  started  therapy so he could get better and stronger than ever.

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