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Waynesboro visits James Madison to see the cadaver lab

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, 37 Waynesboro High School students went on a field trip to JMU.  The group of students included Anatomy, Sport’s Med and AP Biology students.  The group visited the cadaver lab at JMU that is used for the Physician’s Assistant program.  Jadaciss Williams and Jaylen Simmons found it amazing that people donate their bodies for research and teaching purposes.  Students were able to view 3 different bodies and explore a variety of body systems.  One highlight of the experience was the opportunity to hold a human brain in their own hands.  “Holding a human brain in your hands is a very humbling experience, ”  notes Anatomy student, Maddie Roberts.  The group  visited the brand new Rec Facilities on campus that features an indoor climbing wall.  Students also enjoyed a delicious lunch at the East Dining Hall courtesy of JMU.  Mrs. Crawford, Ms. Meade and Mrs. Ogilvie chaperoned the trip.

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