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WHS haunted house promises scary fun

By Jisell Lopez

The WHS Haunted House is back after a year break thanks to a dedicated group of student actors who are willing to frighten visitors with terrifying costumes, hungry zombies, and goulish good fun!  For $5, visitors can come to WHS from 7-9 p.m. on Saturday, October 29th for a great time. I sat down with Mrs. Ford, WHS leadership teacher and Haunted House coordinator, to get the scoop. 

GiantWord: Where is the Haunted House and how scary is it?

Mrs. Ford: “It’s primarily on the second floor. We change up the routine every year, but second floor…is big enough. We’ve got a lot of space [with] a lot of neat hiding holes that kids can hide in and jump out of. Sometimes we will take visitors outside and we will scare them one last time.”  

GW: What does it take to put the Haunted House together?

Ford: “The Haunted House has been going on for 7 years. We didn’t do it last year because of a lack of actors. The actors don’t need to spend any money because we have all the costumes we need. Walmart donated boxes of makeup and costumes. So we set everything up and take everything down in one day. We’ll  start setting up at probably noon on Saturday. The kids will come in around 2 or 3 and start setting up their [spaces]. They decorate their individual spaces and get in costume. We hold the haunted house from 7 to 10 pm and then we take down and put everything away by 11:30.”

GW: How do you keep the experience safe and fun?

Ford: “So I have some pretty basic rules that all my actors know regarding what they’re allowed to put in the rooms–no liquids in the room because we don’t want anyone to slip and fall. We have rules about not touching any of the visitors that come through. We go over the fire safety plans before the event starts, and we talk about no glass or anything that could break and potentially harm someone. So, we just keep the rules pretty simple and then I let the kids be as creative as they want to. From that point on it seems to work.”

GW: Who helps the actors get ready?

Ford: “The actors, they all help themselves. Sometimes we’ll have kids come in just to do makeup, but most of the time it’s just the kids do their own makeup. We’ll do a makeup tutorial a couple of days before the haunted house so they get some ideas.”

GW: What is the recommended age for visitors?

Ford: “We don’t have an age limit. I do tell all of our visitors that it is scary, that we do have fake blood. But some of the rules are that the kids aren’t allowed to curse at anyone, so even though it’s a haunted house, we try to keep it PG.”

The WHS Haunted House costs $5 and will be open on Saturday, October 29th from 7 to 10pm.


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