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Spanish club


The spanish club is a club where students can go to enjoy and respect the Hispanic
culture. Even though the club is new, and it’s their fourth year it has done a lot of great things. The Spanish students demanded the club and that’s how the club was created. The club encourages the use of Spanish, but more importantly, it promotes Hispanic culture and celebrates Hispanic traditions.
Anyone can join and you don’t have to speak Spanish to be in the club. If anyone want to join see the president of the club Rebecca Pereles for forms and information.
The club does things all year such as Day of the Dead celebration, a Navidad (Christmas) party with a gift exchange and piñata breaking. For charitable work, the Spanish club students participate in Relay for Life to raise money for cancer. The club is planning to do a talent show on March the 11th. In the future, the Spanish club members are also going to start watching soccer games together and cheering on their favorite teams. They also go out to eat together and learn about the cultural foods.
“The Spanish club really allows students to connect with each other, learn about someone else’s culture, have fun and explore different cultural traditions. The club is an opportunity to help others and come together no matter your ethnicity,” said Moore. “The club allows students to meet some amazing people and make new friends. Plus you get to eat incredible food and party.”
The founder of the Spanish club, Ms Moore, puts so much time in effort into the club. She cooks for hours to make all the amazing food that is made for the club meetings and parties. “ I do it for my students,” said Moore. Moore loves seeing her students connect and learn from each other. In this club there’s really no different races or beliefs, they come together as one. If anyone want to join see the president of the club Rebecca Pereles for forms and information.

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