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One Act Play – Gossip

By Alyssa Kerrigan

The drama club at Waynesboro High School is putting on a one act play, Gossip, in a competition at Turner Ashby High School on October 22nd. Waynesboro has been participating in this competition for for over thirty years, and although there have been a few losses in the past few years, Mrs. Truslow, the drama teacher, expects this year to be different. “I want to improve,” Truslow said, “I’m proud of every performance we’ve done, but I want them to move up the ladder now.”

Jackie Combs, a student at Waynesboro High School, is the director of the play. As the director, she has big responsibilities. “I have to make sure everybody’s on track, and are in practice and off their books at a certain time,” Combs said, “and the director also helps with the costumes, and designs, and sets.” Being the director is a big job, and there a few challenges. For example, Combs is in charge of seeing that the students learn their lines in time. “Getting them to memorize their lines is like the biggest part of it,” said Combs, “at a certain point I’m like, ‘All ya’ll, out the books, put them down!’” Aside from the responsibilities, Combs enjoys her job as the director of the play. She gets to meet new people at the competitions, and the feeling of accomplishment is rewarding, “We’re like, ‘Oh man, we succeeded!’” said Combs.

Truslow felt like Gossip was an appropriate play for the drama club to put on because it was written for a high school audience. She also made her choice based on who would see the performance at the competition. “We knew we were going to be in front of a bunch of actors and actresses, and that they would enjoy a play with a message” Truslow said. The play is about high school  students, and it is performed by high school students, making it easier for them to connect to the story and give a believable performance to the audience. “I felt like it was something that affected so many people, that it had a message that not just students, anybody could learn from.” said Truslow.

Gossip is an opportunity for Waynesboro High School to step it up at the competition this year, and for the students in the drama club to give an enjoyable performance, not only to the audience, but for themselves. “It’s really fun.” Combs said. It’s a way for the students to develop their acting skills while meeting new people and having fun at the same time.

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