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Interact: Service with a Purpose

By: Destiny Lam

Mrs. Carter: Sponsor of the Interact club

Mrs. Carter: Sponsor of the Interact club

Interact is a club sponsored by Mrs.Carter, a paraprofessional here at WHS, focused on community service and selflessness and their motto is, “Service above self,” and rightly so. Members of Interact devote their time to helping others and making a positive impact on the community. Students participating in Interact club are expected to have a well-rounded character focused specifically on respect, responsibility, and community awareness. Carter teaches her club members the importance of morals and principles, respect being the most important to her.


“Respect is at the top of my spectrum,” said Carter. She feels that Interact club offers a supportive community for those who feel out of place. “There were many students who had no place to belong, no place to go, so they joined the Interact club,” said Carter.


Interact is known for their diversity and special strive for excellence. They have definitely made a positive impact on the school and the community. In fact, the Waynesboro School Board has recognized them for “Celebrating Excellence”. “Interact has been the largest community service club at Waynesboro High. We are well known and respected in the community,” said Carter. Not only has Interact been recognized by the school board, but they have also been awarded two presidential citations–once during the 2012-13 school year and again in 2015-16.


Mr. Richards, a History teacher here at WHS and sponsor of the Civic Learning Project, said, “Interact is continuing to put a positive spotlight on WHS.” Richards has personal experience with the Interact club as Interact has helped him provide opportunities for community service. He feels that Interact has aided his project in thriving as much as it has in the three years it has been active. “Without the club, my project would still exist, however, the challenges of my students being able to find community service would probably be more difficult,” said Richards.
From blood drives, food drives, fundraisers, and other community service projects in Waynesboro, the Interact club has enhanced WHS and provided new opportunities for students and other projects. Interact has made a positive difference in our community.

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