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Rudolph Knows History


Teacher Feature: Mrs. Jennifer Rudolph

By: Sarrah Cochran

Did you know Mrs. Rudolph grew up in Waynesboro before she moved to Richmond to finish high school? She attended Berkeley Glenn Elementary School and Kate Collins Middle School before moving to Richmond to complete high school at Midlothian High School. In high school, Rudolph was involved in many clubs including Drama club, Spanish club, French club, and History club, and she even participated in the Cross Country Team.

Rudolph has dealt with many different types of students, “I was an average student, kept up with my grades. I couldn’t get away with much because my father was a teacher at the school and all the teachers knew him,” she claims. Rudolph realized she was going to follow in the footsteps of her mother and father while attending Mary Baldwin College.

Her favorite thing about teaching is the students. “I love their personalities, and when students that have finished my class come back and see me. I love to hear about their life,” Rudolph said. She helps students who have trouble in her class by encouraging them to stay after for help and she has a website up where she posts all the notes for her class. She also urges the kids to participate in her class so that she can know they are paying attention and grasping the lessons. Her cellphone policy is fairly new because she felt that students were more invested in what was happening outside of her class and less in the lessons she was teaching them. Students are required to place their phones in pockets on a closet door or cut them off and place them in their book bags. To Rudolph, students today take so many educational tools for granted. “Projectors, phones, and especially computers. When I was in high school, you either had to find a typewriter or you had to pay someone to type your essay for you.”

A couple of Rudolph’s students have only nice things to say about her. “I could just tell that she was a sweet person and that she would become one of my favorite teachers, although I disliked how cold it got in her classroom,” Rebekah Martin laughed. Martin had Rudolph for World History I in 9th grade and World History II in 10th grade. Despite the temperatures of her classrooms, Martin loved being in Rudolph’s classes. Martin even ate lunch in her classroom last year because it was so much quieter than the lunch room. Julie Wheeler had Rudolph once in 9th grade for World History I but continued to visit her throughout 10th grade as she walked some of her friends to class. “I continued to go see her after I finished her class because she was more of a family friend than a teacher to me at that point,” said Wheeler. Both Martin and Wheeler love Mrs. Rudolph as person and a teacher.

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