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Meet Mrs.Truslow

By Destiny Lam

Mrs. Truslow is the current drama teacher here at WHS. She is known for her outgoing and compassionate nature and her ability to lead and encourage teamwork. Truslow herself agrees that she is, in fact,a team player, “I think that comes from my theatrical background,” said Truslow, “When you do theater, you’re always working as a group.” However, she wouldn’t necessarily describe herself as a leader. Truslow asserted that she is reluctant to be a leader as she would rather follow someone else. Nevertheless, when put in situations when leadership is needed, Truslow is definitely well suited for the job.

With the responsibility of being a leader in mind, there are bound to be challenges to overcome. Truslow’s biggest challenge was balancing her home and work lives. “Finding that balance was sometimes very difficult,” said Truslow. Despite any challenges that Truslow may have faced in her last 29 years of teaching, she assures that her job has rewarded her. Truslow said,”Every success I see through my students is my own success.”

Growing up, Truslow was interested in the arts and many clubs such as the drama department, choir, and forensics. She was good at being a team player and doing her best in school. Teaching theater was a good fit for her because she had originally wanted to pursue a career in acting, and she has had an interest in teaching since she was a little girl. “I realized I could do both. I could be an actress and a teacher,” said Truslow. Of course, Truslow wasn’t born ready to teach. She had a journey just like anyone else would to get to where she is today. “I’ve had all sorts of crazy jobs,” said Truslow. Truslow has had experience selling cars and working in retail. She was even an on-air personality as well as an assistant to a private investigator.

It’s safe to say that Truslow is a people person. She’s still very close to her family and a chunk of her students still keep in touch after graduating. “A lot of them end up being my friends,” said Truslow referring to her students. One of Truslow’s theater students, Alissa Freemantle, feels like Truslow has affected her positively. “Her name’s Mama T for a reason,” said Freemantle, “She’s warm and fuzzy like a big mama bear.” Freemantle feels that Truslow has helped her regain her passion for theater and has made a positive impact on her life. Sapp also agrees that Truslow has affected her positively. Truslow has been supportive of Sapp’s desire to perform even as a co-worker. “She really is a wonderful woman,” said Sapp “She would go out of her way for anybody.”


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