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All About Mrs. Sapp

By Jisell Lopez

                     Mrs. Sapp is always checking up on her previous student, and asking questions on how she can help them out with anything English related. Tyler Weaver a senior at WHS said, “I had her for 9th and 10th grade and she encouraged me to still try my hardest through 11th and 12th grade.”  Mrs. Sapp is currently an English teacher at Waynesboro High School. She has been teaching at WHS for 12 years now. Before becoming an English teacher Sapp was a daycare teacher for 5 years. She attended college at Mary Baldwin College  in Stanton Virginia. “I had fantastic English teachers in middle and high school, and they had such a passion that I was determined to do the same thing,” Sapp said.  She thinks that this is what made her decided to be an English teacher. She was also inspired by her tenth grade honors English teacher, Mrs. Graber. That was the only English class that Mrs.Sapp has ever gotten an F in not on the whole class but on a report card here and there. Mrs. Graber just told her “You can do this You can do this,” unfortunately Graber moved Sapps senior year. Sapp was heartbroken.


“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,” said Sapp.” “I did not always intend to teach high school English My original plan was to teach kindergarten and that’s because in the 4th grade we did a career day and I was able to work with my kindergarten teacher and throughout the rest of the year I was just in her classroom as a volunteer and I was like I could totally be an English teacher and then I realized that I can’t teach math and I can’t teach English so I couldn’t work at an elementary school.” said Sapp about how she always wanted to teach English. Sapp’s teaching philosophy is that “no child should be left behind and not just don’t leave them behind in a grade but every student and every child should have an opportunity to learn to the best of his or her ability,”said Sapp.

                If Sapp were to have a different job she would be a Therapist and the reason for that is so that she can reach a larger population and help those kids that have problems that can’t be solved by going to school. Sapp was a quiet student who just sat in the back and did the best that she could she wasn’t very sociable she wasn’t the kind of person to go out and make a fool of themselves. Sapp was there for an education and not for friends.

               Mrs. Galenis the librarian at WHS said “ Sapp knows her content, loves her content, but most importantly she connects with her students,” Sapp feels stress, sometimes like a failure, And sometimes exited when working with students.  ” With some of my students there’s almost a familial relationship when they look at me as a sister, an older sister, or as a mom even. So they’re very comfortable coming to me with issues,or concern,or relationship questions and sometimes that’s easier for me to handle because it’s like hey these kids like me and yet sometimes it so hard because we try to keep our personal lives away so that we can be just maintain student teacher.

            Hannah lamb a current 9th grade English student said “She is a good teacher because most teachers if they had a class like this we would all be in the office right now. She tries to make sure you understand something before she moves on to a different lesson.” Lamb also said “ She is full of ideas and she could help me because she can like stay after and like make sure you don’t leave her class confused.”  Lamb added that Sapp was “Lovely, understanding, smart obviously, tolerant, kind hearted, and fashionable. Sapps class is the best part of lambs day because “she believes in everyone and it isn’t boring at all.”  

         Sapp Also helped Rebeca Pereles realize she  could be friends with different type of people and become a better person. “I was scared of her. She looked intimidating,” said Pereles about first meeting Sapp.“She has already impacted my life,” says lamb “She sent a nice, understanding email to me and my mother and I.” She’s always very influential with her students and she’s always willing to work with them as much as she can” said Weaver

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