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All About Mrs Combs

by Eileen Ortiz      

       Mrs. Combs is a new 9th grade math teacher in WHS. Combs was a student at  Hornet Wilson Memorial High school. When she used to lived in Augusta County, not in Waynesboro. Combs had a normal high school experience, she was average high school person.  In fact one of Combs best subject was math, one of her least and that Combs most  struggle with was English. English wasn’t her subject mainly because she didn’t get grammar  part and it was difficult for her to understand.                                                  

        Many people might not know where was she before she started teaching,or where Combs went to college. It all started when Combs was in high school. There was a math teacher who inspire combs to become a math teacher. Combs wanted to teach  kids like her ,math teacher taught her  when she was in High school. But after Combs was done with high school she didn’t got straight into college. Combs went to the navy, why  the navy? why not go straight to teaching? Many of you are probably thinking that to.

          Well one of the reasons Combs went into the navy is , because she wanted to get far away from,Augusta County. Her job at the navy was being a instructor in electronics. Combs was pretty good at working in electronics, Combs love her job at the navy. Combs was a really lucky person because she went to every college, the reason why she was so lucky, is because she was in the navy. That why she went to so many.“ I can’t remember all their name because I went to a lot of them,” said Combs.

     Although you  can retire at the age of 30, Combs decided to retire the navy after 24 years of being in the navy. Combs decided to make a family and that was she left the navy,. After Combs left the navy she was ready to start teaching, and her family supported her decision of start teaching. her dad said once to her, “I know you’ll come back back to Augusta County because that’s where you grew up.”

Combs wasn’t nervous about teaching here at the high school at all. In fact teachers helped her out. Combs asked Dr Barker for some advice but mostly for procedure, since she had already had experience when she  taught  in the navy.  Dr Barker said “Crazy enough to be here” when he first saw Combs. Dr Barker doesn’t consider Combs a really close friend, but said that he will love to get to know  her more. Esperanza Vera one of Combs current students said “she will impact of the way she taught me” because she will remember they way Combs taught Vera . Vera understands the way Combs teaches because if she doesn’t get it Combs will help you out by teaching you step by step.

Finally some people might ask why does Combs  have purple highlights in her hair. Well Combs got inspire by an English teacher, the teacher  had his hair all rainbow color. Combs said she wanted her hair like that and he said “you are 50 years old you can do want you want”! So now combs has highlights in her hair. hobbies outside of school, she reads and gardens. Combs takes care of her 10 year old daughter. Combs plans to retire to plan in 4-9 years, but for now she will do what she loves to do the most, and that is to teach math to kids.

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  1. Beverly Combs says:

    Thanks for the article…..It made me smile…PS. I retired after 24 years in the Navy…I wish I had been 24 years old :)……


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