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A Fiesta with Ms. Garcia

By Alyssa Kerrigan

Ms. Garcia is a Spanish teacher at Waynesboro High School. People know her to be kind, laid back, and willing to help with anything. “She’s got a caring personality,” said Mrs. Gilbert, a co-worker of Garcia, “and she’s got a happy attitude.” Gilbert has known Garcia for about ten years and considers her to be a good friend.

Garcia is originally from Waynesboro, VA and graduated from Waynesboro High School. She taught for thirteen years in Spain, two or three years in public school, and this will be her thirteenth year at WHS. Aside from teaching English in Spain, Garcia did some work in the United States as well. She was an English as a Second Language tutor, and she worked at a psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents in Staunton. “I think one of the reasons [I chose to teach Spanish] is because I enjoyed it when I was in high school and college, and also having the experience of teaching in Spain,” Garcia said.

As a teacher, Garcia’s goal is to interact with and teach her students, though she faces some difficulties as well. “I think my main challenge is getting students involved in doing their work. I find a lot of students don’t seem to care.” Despite the few obstacles that come along with teaching, Garcia enjoys what she does. She is passionate about her job and takes pride in her duties as a Spanish teacher.

Outside of school, Garcia’s interests include travelling to New York City to see broadway shows, going to concerts, and reading. According to Mrs. Gilbert, Garcia’s passion for Broadway makes her different from other teachers. “Her love of Broadway. Had to get that in there,” said Gilbert as she described Garcia’s love for the shows. Another thing that makes her different is “her reaching out to graduates, keeping in touch with graduates on the Broadway scene. And on their education side, she keeps up with their education,” Gilbert said.

Garcia has also influenced students with her work as a teacher. Brooklyn Sims, a junior at WHS, has had Garcia as a teacher in the past for Spanish I and II. She described Garcia as “laid back and quiet, but fun.” Sims learned from Garcia that it really helps to study, and that studying is not always boring; students in the class were allowed to review Spanish vocabulary with each other, which helped Sims. Sims added, after claiming Garcia as her favorite teacher, “She even had Snapchat so I could ask her if I needed help.”

Garcia’s career as a teacher has influenced not only her students at Waynesboro High School, but also her co-workers here, and the students she taught in Spain. She hopes to continue to positively affect the lives of teenagers and express her love of the Spanish language.

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  1. Lisa Garcia says:

    Thank you for the lovely article! Thank you, too, to Brooklyn Sims and Mrs. Gilbert for saying such nice things!


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