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Meet Millineum White

By Jisell Lopez

Millineum White is a freshman at WHS. White is very active in all aspects of student life including the FCCLA and pep, playing for our JV basketball, softball, and cheer. White has 4 sisters and 2 brothers Dayshawnna, Dasia, Jaylen, Allayha, Chris, and Ziree. She likes to play basketball during her free time. White is most proud of her FCCLA position because she has been vice president, president, and sergeant.

This is also her last year as sergeant for the club.Picture 007UVA and Duke are the two colleges that White would like to attend after high school. She would like to study radiology because they make a lot of money. Her plans are to finish high school and then wait a year to attend college because she wants to give her brain a little break before starting her 8 years of college. Then White plans to attend UVA for 4 years and then go to Duke for another 4 years because “ I want to play basketball for UVA and Duke’s education is better than UVA’s,” White said. If White could go anywhere she would go to Cuba because “they have good food and she loves the culture,” she said

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