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Meet Lillian Wilfong

Lillian Wilfong

Lillian Wilfong

By Sarrah Cochran

Lillian Wilfong is a junior at Waynesboro High School. Wilfong’s favorite thing about school is seeing the friends she doesn’t see outside of WHS. Last year, Wilfong’s favorite class was Biology with Ms. Meade because Meade understands the struggles of being a student, like having to manage time between extracurricular activities, family, and school work. Wilfong plays soccer for WHS because she loves how the team becomes a family. Wilfong’s hobbies include watching Supernatural on Netflix and playing video games, although she admits she’s not great at them. In her free time, Wilfong enjoys eating and kicking around a soccer ball.

After graduation, Wilfong plans to attend Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) unless she obtains a full scholarship to Virginia State University (VSU). She wants to stay closer to home to see her family, which includes her younger brother, Nate. At VSU, Wilfong would like to learn how to work with animals, but she isn’t sure what she wants to do as a career quite yet. However, one of her career goals is to save an animal’s life and to make as many animals happy as she can. Wilfong likes driving to and from school. If she could go anywhere in the world, Wilfong would like to go to Rio de Janeiro because of  the colorful culture and how passionate the country is about soccer.

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