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Meet Jisell Lopez


Jisell Lopez

By:Destiny Lam

This is Jisell Lopez’s first year at WHS as she is in 9th grade. Lopez likes writing and photography which is why she decided to enroll in Journalism. She likes and dislikes certain aspects of school including gym, journalism, and math. While she enjoys journalism and gym, she doesn’t have a particularly good time in her math class . She also likes the colors red and black and her favorite animals are pandas and penguins. As Lopez is a freshman, she hasn’t had the chance to join any clubs yet, however, she plans to later in the year as she isn’t familiar with the options available to her yet.

In her life at home, she has 2 sisters named Jennifer and Carla,1 half-sister, and a brother named David. She doesn’t know her half-sister’s name as she doesn’t know her. In her free time, Lopez likes to play the guitar. She is currently teaching herself because she likes music and wants to learn how to play an instrument. Mexico would be Lopez’s top global destination choice because she has family there.

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