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Meet Destiny Lam

Destiny Lam is a  sophomore at Waynesboro High School (WHS).  Lam has 2 sisters Mercedes(13) and Clarisa (9).. On to her school life she loves writing and is very proud of her own, she also writes poems. Her favorite part of being in school is seeing her friends. .Lam enjoys being on stage. To follow Her passion for acting, Lam’s favorite class is Theater and she enjoys participating in WHS forensics because of the public speaking opportunities. Lam loves to write , she took the series of creative writing class and wanted to continue with something in the Picture 003same category.

Destiny’s’ goals for after high school, she would like to go to UVA for her 4 years of education to become an English major. Destiny loves being challenged , when she gets to choose her choice is the hardest option, but she also cracks under pressure . If she could travel anywhere in the world, Lam would love to go to Paris because of Picasso’s paintings.

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