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JV Football positive attitudes dispite scrimmage loss to Fluvanna

By : Millineum White


Interception made by Dayvon Young  Photo by Millineum White


JV football has added numerous new players to the team. Friday, August 19th was the first time the team played Fluvanna this season in a scrimmage. There were many interceptions and smackdown tackles.

“I could have hustled more,” said Lance Cooper, a 9th grader playing WR/DB (wide receiver/defensive backon the WHS JV team.  “The team worked as individuals, mostly the cornerbacks wasn’t talking and we didn’t seal out gaps.”

Coach Naiper explained , Win or lose the team is always going to be a team. They have to work together in order for it to work. The guys did an outstanding job and a(n) lose dosn’t determine the whole season 

”They was a little big bigger than us. But what I need to do is stop dancing and working a little bit harder. But the team, they was getting blown back on offence,” said Dayvon Young, a 9th grader playing QB/DB (Quarterback/defensive back) on the WHS JV football team.
Waynesboro Little Giants lost the scrimmage (28-14) 

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