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Summer Training

By: Avery Paiste, Reporter

        The 2016 school year has come to an end. For many students and faculty, that means two months of a break where they can sit back, relax, and not think about all the homework or quizzes they have when they return to school next year.  Student athletes, however, have to return to our school for their preseason. Football practice starts on July 28th this year. That’s just seven weeks after the end of the school year. Cross Country starts June 13th, and Cheerleading practices have already started. There is so much preparation that goes on behind the scene on these teams; they just have to hope it all pays off.

        “Early practice helps us prepare so when the real season starts we already have an advantage over other teams” said Sonny Carey, an upcoming senior who will have competed on the Varsity Competition Cheer team for all four years of high school. 

       One problem with having so many summer practices is people make plans to travel or attend camps in the summer which may interfere with practice schedules. Carey said that coaches are understanding about pre-determined schedules, but athletes who attend more practices will naturally become better and, as a result of that, get a better position on the team. The Cheer teams hard work has shown as they made it to States in 2014 and Regionals in 2015

        The June Cross Country practices are optional  for runners, but as they move into August these practices become mandatory.

        “I think having practices start in June is extremely influential on the team’s success,” said Lauren Hersh, a freshman who is in her second year on the team. Hersh went on to say, “The practices get harder as it gets closer to the start of school. Without the summer practices, we would lose all of the time it takes to build up the endurance to run the harder practices.” The runners said the coaches are very understanding about pre-made plans, they just encourage runners to practice while on vacation.

        Sumer is a great time for relaxing and taking a break, but it’s also a great time to get ahead on athletics, schoolwork, and anything else. As Vince Lombardi once said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” So, enjoy your summer and rest up because with the hard work of our WHS athletes, great things will come to the athletic program. As Hersh and Carey said, the extra practices do pay off.


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  1. Mrs. Richmond says:

    It is soooooo easy to procrastinate without even realizing you’re doing it. Teachers do it, too . . .


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