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FUNd for Teachers


Amber Loyacano on her trip. Photo Submitted By: Katie Ford

By: Avery Paiste, Reporter

The Fund for Teachers Grant  allows teachers to learn skills and acquire more knowledge about the subject area that they teach. According to the Fund for Teachers’ website,, “Since 2001, Fund for Teachers has invested $22 million in nearly 6,000 teachers, transforming grants into growth for teachers and their students.” In the last three years, three teachers from Waynesboro High School received this grant.

        Joshua Spees, a photography teacher who recently received the grant, plans to travel to the Southwest United States. While there he wants to interview many photography professors and professional photographers, asking questions such as “What makes you want to take pictures?” or “What do you enjoy about photography?” Spees plans to take pictures himself as well. He wants to document the water scarcity in that region and continue a photo essay that he started many years ago when he lived there. One of the first projects his Photo II class works on is a photo essay. Spees said, “The kids always ask me, what should I take a picture of? Now I’ll be able to give them an example from me [of my own work].”

        Two other teachers from WHS took a trip using the Fund for Teachers grant. Katie Ford and Amber Loyacano, both of whom are WHS English teachers, took a trip to Europe to learn more about Shakespeare. Loyacano, an American literature teacher, said that although it was a trip to Europe, it helped her tremendously because she can reference things that she’s actually seen and talk about how the things that happened in Rome were very reminiscent of what happened in America at the time.

Loyacano believes that every teacher should apply for this grant. “Teachers don’t get a lot, and most grants are for the classroom, which is great, but this one is just for teachers and it’s just such a great experience,” said Loyacano.

        To receive this grant, teachers write a five-part paper explaining what they are doing, where they are doing it, why they are doing it, and how it will help them in the classroom. In addition, applicants must submit a projected budget of how much money will be needed.

Spees said “The paper took me about two days of hard work to write, but it was definitely worth it.” If you receive the grant you can begin to get ready to go on your trip to wherever you planned. This grant allows you to get a first-hand experience with the curriculum that you are teaching; taking lots of pictures and writing down all of the different experiences is something that Fund for Teachers recommends because you want as much information as possible.

        For more information on this grant or to apply, be sure to go to the website at There is also information about all of the teachers who received a Fund for Teachers grant this year and what they plan to do on their travels. Be sure to see Mr. Spees’ to get a more in depth description of his travels.




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