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GIANTS on the Right Track


The track before the races have started. Submitted By: Hunter Painter, Freshman

By: Avery Paiste, Reporter

The track team this year has a new person in the head coach position. A coach who wasn’t alone in the Head Coach position last year. This year is just him, and the runners seem to think he’s doing a pretty good job at it.

The team is doing well itself; they had runner up in most meets this year and have some returning talent in addition to the new Runners & Throwers

Justice Allen, a junior on the team said that Coach Freeman is “handling it well” and “really wants everyone to improve and become skilled in their events.”

Allen went on to say “We have a bright future as our team is very young and still performs well and scores points, as well as the veterans score high at these meets.” Last year the team had many runners compete at the conference and state level. Making it to that point is a very big in a runner’s career and the team has runners with potential to make it to that level.

One of the groups that made it far last year was the men’s 4×100 meter relay. Two of the four on that relay graduated last year but two are now seniors. Only one returned to run this year.

With this loss the team looks a little different from last year. Allen said “It’s very different, as we have lost lots of very experienced seniors who would carry the team to score points, it is a challenge to fill in certain events and score highly in them.” This hasn’t limited the giants though. The team is doing well this year and they plan to continue to be a strong force in the sport.


This year there are many new runners on the team. One of them, Hunter Painter, freshman, said, “I joined track so that I could stay in shape for football, my primary sport”. Painter went on to say that track was now growing on him and he expects to return for many more years. Painter is one of the nine freshmen on the Men’s team and the Women’s team added two freshman this year.

With all of these new runners the team will have depth for many years to come. There are freshman in all of the events that track has to offer. The Team can look forward to many more years of a full roster.

Some athletes may be doing track to stay in shape and it may be a primary sport for some, no matter the difference all the athletes have one thing in common. They are very excited for the rest of the season to see how they will perform next year. Keep your eyes peeled ladies and gentlemen, the Waynesboro Varsity Track and Field team may be producing some stars in the near future.


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