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Field Trip to Blue Ridge

WHS took 100 students to the Career Fair on Apr. 19. that was sponsored by VDOT & BRCC.

Mrs.Wood : Students learned about careers in the transportation field that include accountants, estimators, business managers, welders, environmental scientists, chemists, civil engineers, geologists, marketing professionals, human resource officers, machine operators, diesel mechanics, linemen and many others.  They completed a Career Fair Scavenger Hunt which required them engage with the presenters.  Our Waynesboro students represented our school very well, by asking great questions and presenting themselves in such a positive way.
Particularly careers in the trades will see a huge demand over the next 10 years as a massive number of the folks now in these jobs retire.  It is really important that students understand the choices available to them that they may not know about through the usual avenues of their parents, teachers and television.  Going to fairs like this one and talking to the people who do the jobs, or hire the people that do the jobs, can open new options.
Next Wednesday, we will be hosting a Skilled Trades Career Fair here at Waynesboro from 12:30-3:20 PM.  The afternoon CTE students will be attending, although any teachers are welcome to bring classes.


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