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Models in the 2016 Prom Fashion Show pose for a picture. (Photo: Mr. Spees/Photography & Art Teacher @ WHS)

Students Mentally Suit Up for Prom

Models in the 2016 Prom Fashion Show pose for a picture. (Photo: Mr. Spees/Photography & Art Teacher @ WHS)

Models in the 2016 Prom Fashion Show pose for a picture. (Photo: Mr. Spees/Photography & Art Teacher @ WHS)

by Dalton Lafferty, Technology Manager

Springtime brings with it a lot of challenges for high school students: cabin fever due to multiple snow days, senioritis, graduation, and the seemingly most important, finding a date to prom. Extravagant “promposals” have increasingly become the norm and have become expected. Promposals are not the only extravagant thing about prom though. Some dresses can cost upwards of $800, and tickets alone cost $80 per couple if purchased at the door.

“I think it’s [prom’s] worth it,” said Victoria Porter, a senior at WHS. “I definitely think that all the money you put into it is worth it.” She also said “I don’t think I would spend more than $350 on a dress, but I think you can spend more on your senior dress.”

Junior Grace Dyer said “I think it’s worth the forty [dollar ticket price] before you get to the door, but I would not pay eighty dollars at the door.”

Both Porter and Dyer, however, do agree that they shop for a dress based on how it looks.

“We’ve been to two different places and we’ve probably tried on thirty dresses, maybe forty,” said Dyer.

Although the process is tiring, Dyer and Porter say they thoroughly enjoy it. On prom day, the routine for Porter goes as follows “I actually hang out for a little while, then I get my hair done at like 12:30. [I] get lunch, do my makeup, get ready, go to pictures. I don’t really do that much.”

Dyer agreed to disagree on how long the process takes. “My hair [alone], I take so long,” she said.

Prom, which only Juniors and Seniors may attend without an invitation, may seem similar to Homecoming, which all grades may attend without invitation, but the girls look forward to prom more.

“I look forward to prom more because I like long dresses and dressing up more,” said Dyer.

Porter said “I like the atmosphere at prom better than I do homecoming.”

Both dances require packets to be filled out for admission, but the packet for prom is more extensive. The packet includes permission from parents to attend the dances, and the prom packet includes separate pages for bringing a date from another high school, college or the workforce.

“I think the forms for bringing someone from a different school or bringing someone from college, they’re a little really detailed,” said Porter.

“Getting a principal’s signature, that’s kind of challenging,” agrees Dyer. She and Porter do understand why it happens. “We don’t want some sketchy people in our school,” said Dyer.

“I think it’s a really long process we shouldn’t have to go through,” Porter said. “I [do] understand why we do it [though].”

Junior Angelica Martinez is looking forward to prom.. “I’m definitely excited for prom! It’s a really fun way to enjoy yourself and friends,” said Martinez.

“I am looking forward to an awesome time and good music. I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about what is being chosen and declined to be played and really hope that what will be played is good and enjoyable,” said senior Jayna Jean-Jules.

Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Barber, senior co-sponsors, started planning for 2016’s prom the week after 2015’s prom. They had to schedule the venue, the DJ, and take advantage of seasonal sales on decorating supplies. Once the school year starts and the hustle and bustle of spirit week and homecoming is over, the prom committee is formed. They come up with a theme, colors, ticket designs and food choices. The sponsors also review the budget and how much money the class has to see how much fundraising needs to be done.

The sponsors would like students to be aware of some things as prom approaches. Prom tickets will be available beginning Wednesday, April 20th. If a student’s name appears on the fees owed list they will not be able to purchase a ticket until those items have been returned or paid for. Students will receive a prom packet which will include paperwork that must be returned in order to purchase tickets. Thursday, March 12th is the deadline for purchasing pre-sale tickets. Ticket prices go up significantly if tickets are purchased at the door so students are encouraged to plan ahead. Absolutely no tickets will be sold on Friday, May 13th.

“Our goal is to have a fun, safe and memorable prom,” said Johnson.

This year the class of 2016’s prom is on Saturday, May 14th. The theme is “A Black and White Affair”, and the prom committee is working on collaborating a playlist for the music to be played. The GiantWord staff is also putting together a promposal contest. Tweet a picture of your promposal to @GiantwordWhs or send a snap of your promposal to giantword for a chance to win prom prizes.

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Photo 3 Essay: Zion Jackson

Zion Jackson – Artist Statement
I chose portraits, but I decided to take a more creative turn. I didn’t want to take pictures of just their faces I wanted to put more emotion and detail into the portraits. I feel like the paint can tell a story about the individual. The story is up to the viewer, I want my images to be interpreted by the individuals who find it capturing. I yearn for my images to be something anyone can relate to.

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Cody Dawson up to bat against Riverheads on Thursday March 10, 2016. Phtoto by Kailee Louk

A New Beginning

Cody Dawson up to bat against Riverheads on Thursday March 10, 2016. Phtoto by Kailee Louk

Cody Dawson up to bat against Riverheads on Thursday March 10, 2016. Photo by Kailee Louk

By Kelley Conley, Classroom Manager

Waynesboro High School’s varsity baseball team is looking for a different turn out this season. The team finished last season 4-16, and is working towards having a more successful season this year.

The team is new and old in different ways. Coach Payne retired after being a part of the WHS baseball program for 15 seasons. Now Josh Coffey is ready to take over the team. The players themselves are all veterans–12 out of the 16  players on the team are seniors.

Senior, Chris Baker, is heading into his fourth and final varsity season as part of the team. Baker plays catcher, third base, and occasionally first base. He was also named to the first team all conference team as a sophomore.  He is considering going to Shenandoah University to continue playing baseball, but his focus right now is on the Waynesboro Varsity baseball season.
“I think being one of the seniors, and being one that’s been on the team since freshman year will help with leadership on the field and knowing what it takes to get to regionals,” said Baker. He played four seasons as the varsity quarterback and plans on using the same vocal leadership, along with leading by example, this baseball season. “I want to be a leader for the other players who haven’t been on varsity as long, I just want everyone to play together.” Baker has high hopes for the new coaching staff and feels like it’s a new beginning for Waynesboro baseball.

Senior, Cody Dawson, started playing baseball when he was in elementary school and  has two years of prior varsity experience. He’s looking for a more successful season and having everyone on the same page.

I hope we play better as a team and we can all have the same goal,” said Dawson. “And the goal is to win and be the best we can be on and off the field.”  

Playing together as a team and everyone knowing their role is important to Dawson, as for off the field, players staying academically eligible and being involved in things other than baseball are important to him too. Dawson plays mostly in left field but is comfortable anywhere in the outfield. Between the positivity and encouragement from the new coaching staff,  veteran leadership, and communication between teammates, he feels the team can make a run in the regional tournament.

New head coach, Josh Coffey, works as a P.E. teacher at Wenonah Elementary School. He is eager to get the season started with a team full of  experienced seniors. “I’m looking forward to mentoring these young men and giving them the opportunity to be successful.”  He was the head coach of the JV baseball team for 8 seasons and an assistant on varsity for 2 seasons. He has plenty of experience coaching and mentioned how the speed of the game will be the only real difference on the varsity level.  Coach Coffey is a competitive kind of guy who clearly loves the game of baseball. He is looking to make a name for Waynesboro baseball by improving overall batting averages and fielding percentages.  “We have a good group of guys that is going to give us the opportunity to be successful and lay the foundation to to have a successful program in the future.”

After having a dismal end to last season, the team is looking forward to their first scrimmage. Waynesboro defeated Riverheads Thursday night 6-5 with no errors.. The first game of the season will against Fluvanna on Tuesday, March 15th at Kate Collins at 5:30p.m.

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Photo Portfolio: Liliana Escamilla


For my first project I decided to do reflection instead of just mirrors. Last year I did mirrors and loved it so this year I decided to step it up a bit. Reflection photography is a beautiful and fun thing to do. My goal by the end of this year is to learn what I love to do and create bomb diggity pictures.

Liliana Escamilla


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