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submitted by Caroline Lee.
Lee poses in front of the sign of her family's medical practice, where she is currently mentoring.

Learn About What You Love Through a Mentorship

submitted by Caroline Lee. Lee poses in front of the sign of her family's medical practice, where she is currently mentoring.

Submitted by: Caroline Lee. Lee poses in front of the sign of her family’s medical practice, where she is currently interning.

by Dalton Lafferty, Technology Manager

In the summer before her senior year, Emily Kratzer decided she wanted to become an intern at the News Virginian. Although her internship was not through the mentorship program here at the high school, she applied as a summer intern and got a look into what being a journalist is like. Kratzer applied for the program late in the second semester of her junior year but was reluctant. She is glad she put in her application because when her internship ended in August, she became a Correspondent for the paper.

One of the ways to get involved in not only the high school but also in the community is through a mentorship. Mentorship allows students to get out of the classroom in order to learn. The mentorship program is a way for students to explore their career interests by putting them into a career situation to get a feel of what it is like. The mentorship program at the high school isn’t the only way to get involved in the community though.

Kratzer says she “absolutely loves” being a part of the local community. “I have a say in the community. People actually read what I write,” she says. Being a member of the staff has given Kratzer the opportunity to improve important skills like networking and writing. Kratzer writes two to three articles a week and is in charge of writing the Senior Spotlights. Kratzer is working with the News Virginian because she is interested in minoring in journalism. She currently wants to become a teacher, but says her time with the paper is giving her better insight into what being a journalist is. Although tough, Kratzer agrees interning is beneficial, saying “I totally recommend a mentorship or internship. It’s a great opportunity to get exposure to careers you’re interested in pursuing yourself.”

The mentorship program at the high school provides real work experience to students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to gain such experience. The WHS 2015-2016 Program of Studies says the mentorship program “is a career exploratory program designed to provide insight into a student’s career interests.” Objectives of the program include providing the opportunity to learn about career paths, teaching about career options, reaching out to highly motivated students as well as enhancing the students’ feelings of self-worth. Other objectives include an increase in community participation, new ways for learning, and an encouragement in increasing communication between the school, student, boss, and community.

Working in a real, career-like setting as a junior or senior is difficult, but so is choosing a career that may last the rest of your life. Push yourself and pursue something you are interested in now by participating in a mentorship or internship so you can see what it will be like. Do the hard work now so when you’re ready to make a life-altering decision, you pick something you know you will enjoy. Like the old saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life..”

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What it Takes to be a GIANT Wrestler

by Avery Paiste, Reporter

On Saturday, February 6th, some of the wrestlers from Waynesboro High School attended the Virginia Conference Wrestling Tournament. Coach Palmer says it takes three things to succeed in wrestling: hard work, a mental toughness, and good coaching. Some wrestlers on the team agree with Coach Palmer that these things have helped them to get this far in the season.

The team works hard during the season. They have five practices per week sometimes six depending on whether or not they have an event on Saturday.

Tanner Dellett-Wion, a senior who has been wrestling his entire high school career, said “Practice starts with a dynamic warmup. We do things like handstands, cartwheels, our shots [shots are an arrangement of hooks and takedown moves], there’s no sitting down. Then we move into what coach has planned for us that day.”

Another trait a good wrestler must have is mental toughness. The first week of wrestling season is called hell week. “Hell week is the most physically challenging part of the season,” said Wion. That week may be the toughest, but after it is over, they still have the whole season left: many tough practices ahead of them and lots of brutal matches.

The final aspect of a good wrestler is having a good coach. Nerio Teran, another senior on the team, and Wion both agreed that Coach Palmer was the best coach they’ve ever had, which says a lot about the team’s success.

“He’s more than qualified for this job” says Wion. Palmer wrestled from an elementary level all the way to trying out for the U.S Olympic Team in the summer of 1996.

Wion claimed that wrestling has boosted his confidence and motivated him to try things he wouldn’t have normally tried. He went as far as to say that wrestling helps him in other sports because he now knows how to take hit, like in soccer. He said when he is running for a ball at the same time as a competitor he is confident that he will be the one who ends up with the ball

“He makes you want it [to win]” says Teran. That’s the bottom line. That’s what matters when you walk out on the mat, or the court, or any other athletic playing field. Who wants it more; that’s who’s going to win.

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