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The Future of Men’s Varsity Basketball


#24, Devante Robinson takes a shot. Photo by: Emily Perry

By: Avery Paiste, Reporter

Stepping out onto the court, being the youngest one out there, having to play at the same level as everyone else around you, these are just a few things #22, Zach Hatter has to do during the basketball season for our Men’s Varsity Basketball team.

“[The seniors] definitely make me better,” says Hatter, who has two more years left on the team. Next year the team will be losing both 80% of the starting lineup and the head coach.  

Zach Hatter, a WHS sophomore is in his second season on the WHS Varsity team. He is one of 5 non-seniors on the team, and the only one on the starting line-up.

Hatter said that he doesn’t feel pressure from being the only sophomore that starts at games.

“Because I was in the system last year, it’s not really any pressure to me [this year],” Hatter added.  “I feel like I’m doing pretty well and my teammates give me the ball and know how to help me out so the other team doesn’t really look down on me.”

In regards to next year, the team will have many losses to recover from.

“ [Next year] will be a rebuilding year for sure,” says Hatter. “We might have trouble at first, but we’ll see how things go with all of the new players coming up.”

So the 2016 team is trying to make the most of this year they have together. They have a record of 10 wins and 3 losses so far this season, with a winning streak of the last three games.

Devante Robinson, a senior, says, “If we play to our full potential, I think we can make it to states.”

Robinson says that the differences from last year’s team to this are their experience and bonds with each other.

“This year we have more of a friendship,” said Robinson. “Everyone’s just working for one goal, so it’s a whole lot better than last year.”

This season has been great for the Giants and with the support of the Waynesboro fanbase, the team is hopeful that they can make it all the way to the state tournament.

 “Next year’s gonna be a rebuilding process,” said Robinson, “but, after next year they [the team] should be back to where they normally should be.”

The future of the Giants is a promising one, and next year will be very different , but that’s nothing the team can’t handle. So let’s sit back and watch, because it’s going to be quite the season.

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