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Support Aarin Moss with Leadership Class

by Honoka Ando, reporter

Leadership class was going to raise money for giving animals to families this holiday season, but they changed their focus to raising money for Aarin Moss who is going through serious medical issues with astronomical medical bills.

“I expect Waynesboro High School students to help Aarin Moss. They might not know him, but they know that he is a student at WHS. It’s personal. It’s someone who is a part of our school community, ” said Caesar Ruiz, a leadership class student.

Aarin Moss is 10th grader at WHS and has been suffering from Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension since he was five years old, and needs double-lung transplant. PPAH is a rare disease characterized by elevated pulmonary artery pressure with no apparent cause. Symptoms of PPAH are nonspecific and commonly include dyspnea, weakness and recurrent syncope.

“It’s important to help others, especially someone you don’t know”  said Mrs. Ford, who teaches the leadership class. ”It’s easy to help friends, family, and yourself, but sometimes it is hard to help other people you don’t know, but it’s so important as being a person.”

Leadership class held a campaign on December 11th during that night’s basketball game. They raised over $650 during the game, by creating three baskets filled with sports equipment and Christmas goods to raffle off. They also set up a table with information about Aarin to let people know there is gofundeme page available for anyone who wants to donate. This web page has raised over $1500 so far.

“The goal of this campaign is $2000, but that would be great if we got more” said Mrs. Ford.

Anna Fridley, another leadership student said “we might not be able to reach the goal because it is such a short term, but we can make a little change to his life even if it is little.”

The gofundme page is still available for everyone, at

Leadership students making baskets for the campaign

Leadership students making baskets for the campaign


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