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Passport Club Promotes Pulseras & Exploring the World

by Dalton Lafferty, Technology Manager

The Passport Club sold  Pulsera bracelets to fundraise for a trip to Ecuador. Pulsera is the spanish word for bracelet and the bracelets are made by artisans in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Uganda. The Passport Club first heard about the bracelets at Leadership Convention in Charlottesville on November 11th, 2015, and the idea intrigued the club. Mrs. Ford, English teacher and Passport Club advisor, says “[the bracelets] are all so creative, and colorful, and exciting, and you don’t see things like it very often. You don’t find them in stores very often, especially for this price.” The bracelets are free for the club to sell, but they must sell for at least five dollars, because that’s how much money goes back to the artists that make them. The Passport Club sold  the bracelets for six dollars, making a one dollar profit for their trip.

“I love the bracelets,” Ford said. She explained that the club chose to sell the bracelets because they aren’t common. Her excitement fuels a love for travel, as she looks forward to “being in a place most people don’t go.” “The goal of the Passport Club is to get kids traveling,” she said. We want them to see any part of the world they can. It means you get to experience another part of the world, that is probably completely different from Waynesboro.” The Passport Club doesn’t do many fundraisers, but in addition to the Pulsera bracelets, they plan to host a yard sale, which in the past has raised upwards of five hundred dollars. Ford likes to step back and let the students run the fundraisers though. Next year the club is traveling to France and London. Ford thinks about sending a student to a foreign exchange program all the time, and wants to send them to “places that are totally different.” She was smitten with China and thinks it would be a perfect place for students to study in. Passport Club wants students to experience other cultures and to visit as much of the world as possible.

Junior Kat Johnson says “through passport club we are given the unbelievable opportunity to grow as individuals by not only learning about the world around us but also how to be leaders while serving others.” While in Ecuador, the club plans to make a direct difference in the natives’ lives by partaking in service projects that focus on agriculture, clean water, and education. Johnson says the Pulsera Project is just another way to serve the community.

“Through the Pulsera Project we are able to make a small step forward in improving Nicaraguans’ way of life.” The club is excited to serve the local communities and Johnson is “looking forward to the new perspective on life and the ponchos [she] will return with.”

The Waynesboro High School Passport Club is a great chance for students who may not otherwise be able to travel outside of the country to get out there and see new cultures. Selling the Pulseras not only benefits the students involved in the Passport Club but also the artisans that made the bracelets. Fundraisers at WHS help to unite the student body as a whole, and the Passport Club is another branch of student togetherness. One way students are increasing companionship is by selling Pulseras. So, if you see one of the students in Passport Club, be sure to wish them “buen viaje!” which means “have a good trip” in Spanish.

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