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Early Graduation: A Big Decision


By Avery Paiste, Reporter

Larissa Goalder is an early graduate and has already been out of high school for a year and began her college education at VCU. She accomplished this by putting in extra effort during what would be her junior year of high school and making the push to graduate early. Goalder says “I felt more motivated to do well,” because she had to do extra work in order to finish in time.

If  you have ever considered not staying around for all four years of high school then graduating early might be the option for you. Graduating early is something that some high school students do, and is an alternative for students who believe they don’t want to stay around anymore or other reasons to continue on in their life.

“It depends on the situation” says guidance counselor Matt Bailey. This may not be for everybody but there are pros and cons. Graduating early may give people the opportunity to enter the workforce sooner. “If it’s a college bound student, I don’t recommend [graduating early] because [if they don’t] they can take more time here to prepare” says Bailey. There are many factors to consider when it comes to writing early. Mr. Bailey recommends doing research because “a lot of times the benefit isn’t as big as if they would stay.”

Mrs. Jones, Assistant Principal, added “I think it’s beneficial for some, if you have all your credits; kudos to you.” To graduate with an advanced diploma a student needs 24 credits, whereas a standard diploma requires 22.

There are many reasons why someone would want to graduate early. “It’s a lot of kids who maybe fell behind in elementary grades and are looking to graduate with their class” says Jones, “unfortunately, for some kids, maturity wise, early graduation isn’t for them.”

There are people who have done this in the past, and people who will continue to do this. Staff at WHS say it takes hard work and isn’t something you decide in a day. It takes a specific type of person to accomplish this task: a hard worker who has a goal and isn’t going to let anything stop them from getting there. Those are just some of the attributes you need if you want to graduate early.


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