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A Tight Squeeze

by Dalton Lafferty, Technology Manager

Every new school year at Waynesboro High School seems to bring its own challenges, but one has remained a problem for years: the student parking lot. From the limited number of spaces to the size of the spaces, parking at the high school is one of the most complained about issues here at WHS.

Junior Zach Washburn agrees that the parking lot is an issue, but is “understanding of it because there is limited space in such a small school zone in the middle of a neighborhood.” He thinks it would be nice to have a bigger lot, but knows the high school is restricted to the size it is. Washburn describes the lot as “tight” and says that the small size of the lot caused him to rush to his car because the busses occasionally block his spot.One Friday night after a football game, Washburn got into an accident because the spots were so small. . He says, “although I was looking over my shoulder I hit another car because of the diagonal spaces and the rainy dark night.” In addition to being in an accident in the parking lot, Washburn has even witnessed two accidents occur between students after leaving class.

Senior Victoria Porter, however, takes a similar but different stance on the issue. “The parking situation at the high school isn’t too bad for the students who pay for parking passes,” said Porter. “However, we have lots of students that have to park up and down the street because there isn’t enough room in the parking lot for them.”. Porter has been the victim of spot thievery, when someone parked in the parking spot she paid ten dollars for. This causes her to park in a different spot, which can cause a chain reaction. Porter concludes by saying, “I think the parking situation is probably as good as it’s going to get based on the size and layout of our student parking lot.”

Even though the parking lot has several obvious flaws, even students agree that there isn’t a lot that can be done about the situation. An alumni of Waynesboro, however, decided to take matters into her own hands five years ago. Kylie Roberts, class of 2011,  implemented the system where students get their own individual spots, eliminating a free-for-all that was occurring. She noticed the understanding that seniors would park in the lower lot, but also noticed that students from Governor’s School and VoTech who purchased parking passes weren’t able to find spots, so Roberts and her friends “took it on ourselves to get permission from Mr. Teachey, get the needed supplies, and then spent Giant Pride Day painting numbers onto each of the spots,” says Roberts. Now, students are assigned a spot on a first come first served basis.

In reality, there is not much that can be done presently to remedy the parking at the school’s current location. This serves as a reminder to administration that parking should be a main focus on the school’s future design.

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