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Take A Hike With Outing Club


By Avery Paiste, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to learn more about outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and paddling? If so, then the Outing Club sounds like the club for you.

“My goal with the outing club is outdoor education,” says David Hennel, sponsor of Outing Club. “One thing a lot of my students say frequently is there’s nothing to do” says Hennel.

“I actually moved here because there is so much stuff to do,” says Hennel. “Most of the activities are outdoors things. You know, this is a fabulous place to live for any outdoor activity. This would certainly bring up a good point about how great our valley is, but most kids want to do other things such as going to the movies, or hanging out at their friend’s house. Outing Club offers a nice distraction from all of those things and gives students a chance to get outside and explore.”

Hennel went on to say “most of the outdoor activities involve an initial investment and then that’s it. You may have to pay for gas to get somewhere, but for the most part what you put down in the begining to buy equipment is the only investment. Whereas with other hobbie such as golf, you have to pay to get all the equipment and apparel, then pay a greens fee every time you go out. These outdoor adventures offer a fun and educational experience.”

Why not join the club then? It sounds like an  affordable, educational experience, right? However, the initial investment may be more than you think. Total costs for backpacking gear can run anywhere from “$300-$2,200 or more.”( That money just covers the equipment, so before jumping into the club you should make sure that that is really the activity for you. Wesley Seay, an 11th grader and member of Outing Club said “You can borrow most of the equipment from Mr. Hennel.” Seay went on to say “But it’s nice to have your own for post secondary education.”

Seay is one of the founders of the club and his reason for creating it was “We (Seay and Hennel) both enjoy going outside and we made a club for it”. Seay said he was very interested in outing club esque activities such as hiking, camping paddling, and he plans to continue doing them after graduation. He says the most important skill the club has taught him is how to dress appropriately for certain weather.

The Outing Club offers a customizable course that will teach you important skills that you may need further on in life. But before joining, make sure Outing Club is  really the club for you.


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