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Where are WHS graduates now?

by Honoka Ando, Reporter

There are a lot of careers after high school. Some WHS graduates go to college, others go to the military, and still others go into the workforce. Here are some paths of graduates of WHS.

“Try to experience everything you can do while you are there because four years go by way too quick.” said Justin Diggs, a graduate of WHS. He graduated from WHS in 2013, and is now working at the YMCA and Kroger, and attending to Blue Ridge community college. This was his main goal that he had in high school. When Diggs was a high school student, his favorite subject was history. He did not really have a favorite teacher, he loved them all. Diggs played football for two years, basketball for three years, and track for four years. He said “If I could go back to high school, I would definitely played football for four years.”

“Waynesboro high school was great and still now is, but the only thing which is different is the attendances for sports” said Diggs. When he was a high school student the basketball games used to be packed to the point where you couldn’t even sit down, but it’s not like that anymore.

Diggs is not sure what he is going to study at school, but he said, “I enjoy working with kids, so it’ll probably be something in that field.”

Instead of going into the workforce, some of graduates chose to go to college after high school.“Challenge yourself as much as possible by broadening your horizons academically, and socially to become better prepared for any type of post-graduation plans.“ said Madelin Bender, a graduate of WHS. Bender graduated from WHS in 2014, and is now a sophomore at The College of William and Mary. She is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Hispanic Studies, and hopes to become fluent in Spanish. In the future, she would like to open her own business or create a product which she can market and sell on her own using her degree in Marketing. She is also interested in working for a government agency that interacts with Spanish-speaking countries.

“I am absolutely living out the dream I had in high school. I wanted to attend William and Mary since I was a junior here at Waynesboro. I did it by making studying my priority, challenging myself to make networking connections, and participating in extracurricular activities.” said Bender. Bender participated in National Honor Society, Key Club, Pep Club, Varsity Swim, Varsity Soccer, and Varsity Volleyball. During high school, she also got her foot in the door at W&M via interviews, campus tours, and email correspondence with the admissions office. “I really worked to balance all of my academics, extracurricular activities, and outside hobbies. That practice in time management helped me because at college, work loads drastically increases and extracurricular activities become more demanding.” said Bender.

During high school, Bender’s favorite subject was United States History. She loved learning how society and the nation evolved throughout history. Bender explained “I find it interesting to imagine myself as a citizen during certain eras, particularly during the Cold War and World War II.” Her favorite teacher, by far, was Mr. Waldron because he treated students like adults, constantly challenged them, and taught them that it is okay not to make all As as long as they are learning along the way. She said, “If I could go back to high school, I would have taken harder classes to prepare myself for the academic rigor the college.”

Just as Diggs went into the workforce, and Bender went to the college after high school, there are various paths on can take after high school. Going to college, going into workforce, joining the military are just a few. There is just as many ways as people are. It goes without saying that, but the life continues after high school!

Madelin Bender at William and Mary university

Madelin Bender at The college of William & Mary

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