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Proud to be WHS


Students exited about tonight’s game.

By Avery Paiste, Reporter

The senior class of 2016 has been sparking a change for the better in terms of school spirit and Waynesboro pride.   During spirit week, the senior class donated over 2,000 cans to win the canned food drive in hopes of taking the spirit stick from the Juniors.

“As a four year attendee at the high school with no spirit stick wins, we as a class decided it was time to bring home a win,” said Alex Flowers, WHS senior.  It all came down to the powderpuff game where the juniors beat the seniors in the end of it all.

“It’s upsetting because we don’t have another shot at it,” says Flowers.

The juniors also raised over 2,000 in this year’s canned food drive and won the locker war, a competition where students put money into lockers each day. At the end of the day whoever has the most money in the locker wins. This goes on for the all of spirit week.

Ryan DeMarmels, a junior powderpuff football coach and cheerleader said “Going into this year, expectations were high. The thought of us winning was a no brainer.” The Junior class has now won the spirit stick two years in a row. Will they be able to win in their senior year? “Oh it’s gonna be a three peat”. “We are gonna blow through the competition, it’ll be effortless” said DeMarmels

In 2015, both classes have shown much school spirit and care for the community by participating in philanthropic causes like  collecting thousands of cans to local area food banks.   That being said, the stands at our home football games seem rather empty.   Last week’s homecoming game brought in the biggest student section crowd of the year.   There is a sharp contrast here. Everyone dresses out for specific days of spirit week and donates money and thousands of cans, but as DeMarmels said “The student section is not as big as I would like it to be.”Considering all the games the Giants have been winning lately, one would expect the stands to be packed. But the seniors had their last opportunity to attend a home game as a student last Friday as Waynesboro took on Turner Ashby.

Another factor to be taken into consideration when looking into game attendance  is the number of students who get into home athletic events for free. Pep club alone has over 200 members. According to the rules of Pep Club, if a student gets into a home athletic event, they are supposed to sit in the student section.

“When a student gets his/her pep club card, they sign a paper that states that if they get into the game with the card they have to sit in the student section,” says Pep Club officer,  Zach Washburn “If they do not abide by this rule 3 times, they get kicked out. No one has been kicked out his year yet, but a few were released last year for bad behavior,” said Washburn.  So it is possible to be kicked out of the club for breaking the rules. Other specific pep club rules include: not having your card at the game, going to a game while being suspended from school.

The goal of many clubs and school events is to raise school spirit and recruit people to support the school. However, not many people come to games to sit in the student section and cheer on their team. Either way, Pep club is giving it their all to expand our student section but it comes down to the students, so put some pep in your step.


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